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Now that I sleep better I’m not up all night eating junk. For me it is key CBD oil to my biggest problem and by solving the sleep issue I have a life again.

We always encourage people to do their own research. We provide them with links to Project CBD for research information and the Mayo Clinic for CBD dosing. I got Fibromyalgia from a three week battle with the flu in 2001. I was absolutely healthy as a horse before that, so that kinda blows your theory out of the water. The solution is a complete change of paradigm with respect for nature with clean water, energy, air, soil as explained by viktor schauberger.

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The main symptoms are the same, and the standard testing gives a high rate of false negatives, so people can go years with Lyme and not know it. I have had insomnia so bad that I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was ready to try just about anything so I said sure. I take 15 mg about two hours before I am ready for bed. I still have nights that I don’t get enough deep sleep but it sure is a lifesaver for me.

Again I want to thank you for helping all of us with chronic pain through your information and great site. I’m thinking of using CBD but unsure what to get and where from? I didn’t start having tremors until after I had a very strong reaction to another medication-Simvastatin, I believe. I had severe pain from my belly button to my ankles. There weren’t any studies that link tremors to statins directly, but you will find anecdotal accounts.

You will find more credible studies that link tremors to gabapentin. Tremors are not a typical fibro symptom, but it is a symptom of chronic Lyme disease. There are many people w/ fibro who actually have undiagnosed Lyme.

  • Repeat this 1-2 times per day, and be consistent with your regimen.
  • This may not be enough to wake you up completely, but is enough to prevent you from getting enough of the deep sleep we need to feel refreshed the following morning.
  • The best CBD oils for supporting sleep contain a variety of active cannabinoids and terpenes that support the effects of CBD.
  • Moving around at night triggers pain signals that can force you out of deeper levels of sleep.
  • For best results, take CBD at least an hour before bed to give it time to take effect.

These will really helpful readers who are suffering from fibromyalgia. Castillo can you kindly send me the name of your company I have psoriatic arthritis and have a great deal of pain in my joints. I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2000 after 18 months of not knowing what I was afflicted with. In 2003 I changed my diet through the Sureslim method. I lost 17kgs and have been free of Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue since.

This involves also the production of fruits and vegs in a nature friendly way and a different lifestyle. I recently got diagnosed with fibro, I am 24 years old, I have been dealing with the chronic pain/low fatigue for about 4 or so years now. My doctor said that it couldn’t be Lyme, but he did not testing. I am wondering if I should get tested for Lyme or any other diseases? I am still lost, and do not really have any help, and all the doctors I have been to have not been helpful at all.

We’ve currently partnered with the University of Maryland School of Pharmacology in Baltimore and conducting producing “affordable” CBD supplements, focusing on safety, transparency, and consistency. I’m afraid that much of the CBD on the market today is either contaminated or being made with synthetic isolates that have little to no medical value. 2) Heavy taxes and dirty money has caused price wars where organic growers in both Colorado and Washington can no longer compete and are going out of business. The guys surviving are the big-industry guys and groups being shadow-financed by drug cartels and mafia groups. These guys don’t care about creating good product, they care about cheap product and maximizing profits.

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