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Rather than just list the standard accommodation and sights that are on the normal tourist trail, LUXE guides target the traveller who is looking for a more luxurious experience. Don’t for a minute think that LUXE City Guides are just another take on Lonely Planet or Eyewitness travel guides. So whilst I was impressed with the LUXE Paris guide, it didn’t travel to Paris with me on that trip.

John Harris is a master at weaving layers of social and city history together. Black and white photos as well as clearly drawn maps are a plus. Get one of these guides, follow several of the tours, and you’re sure to discover plenty of places that more general guides never mention.

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Here, Facebook uses technology to summarize what people are saying about the suggested place. I will note that the tour guides do ask for a voluntary donation at the end of the tour, but there was absolutely no pressure and there are no tips for the tour guides. A saw people give anywhere from $3 to $40, and all was accepted graciously.

Fodor’s Boston is particularly useful for first-time Boston visitors who appreciate a concise overview of the city, its neighborhoods, and many attractions. The section on getting around Boston on public transportation is especially useful. If you are planning the itinerary for your trip, you’ll probably appreciate the section with recommended attractions based on the length of your stay.

Most of the compact Boston travel guides recommended in the next section also include information about kids activities in Boston, even if it’s just a list – which combined with the other information, will be fine. A comprehensive travel guide to Boston can be the best place (next to, of course) to start planning your trip, especially if you’re planning your first visit to Boston. They’ll give you an overview of neighborhoods, maps, top attractions, perhaps some suggested itineraries, and restaurant and hotel recommendations. The stunning photos in these books will show you why Boston is the most beautiful city in the U.S.

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Insight Smart Guides provide an A-Z approach to travel plan-ning, giving you a range of options, information, and possi-bilities tocustomize your trip. These guides should be used in addition to the more general travel guides above. With their rounded spines and compact size, these city-centered travel guidebooks are user friendly and easy to handle on the road.

It’s an excellent scheme, and I’d heartily encourage people to try it! The two potential negatives was that it wasn’t really a walking tour as most of the time was spent standing still , and that visual download freesoftware aids were produced but not shown to the whole group.

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Leave one on your coffee table to look at whenever you want a few enjoyable relaxing moments, give them as gifts to inspire others, and loan them to friends – they’ll bring you lots of happiness. It would be great to see this city guides feature expanded in the future so you could pull up any city in the world, no matter its size, and see what your friends did while there. City Guides seems to correct that problem, or at least it’s trying to. The feature itself, however, is more useful if you have a lot of well-traveled friends. But also included in each city’s guide is a list of “Places the Locals Go,” which pulls in popular, highly rated spots.

I did the Nob Hill tour whilst my partner was at a conference, and I had many facts to regale him with afterwards! The content of the tour was great, very informative and very different from your typical city tour.

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